About the author

ZSUZSA BARY chemical engineer by profession - is a passionate collector of orchids.

Her feelings towards orchids developed the usual way. She first received as a gift a big, white Phalaenopsis, barely known to her till then. Whatever she did, the plant kept on blooming for months.

She joined the Hungarian Orchid Society (HOS) at her first Orchid Exhibition and she is an active member since then. As Secretary of the HOS, she has spent five years organizing various exhibitions and regular excursions to domestic and foreign botanical gardens. A part of her collection appears as a usual guest on the yearly Orchid Exhibition. Her collection developed during the last decade counting by now more than three hundred orchids and over one hundred tillandsias. She keeps her collection in two separate (temperate and cold) winter gardens during the winter and under the protection of a big cherry tree during the summer.